Exterior Emulsion Paints

The most durable and advanced of all the emulsion based products that we offer for exterior finishes. Each formulation tested (and re-tested continually) to optimize the finish with providing excellent weathering resistance, improvement of water resistant properties and providing a rich sheen to the finish.

Elastomeric Emulsion Coatings      Technical Data Sheet 

  • Excellent water resistant and dirt pickup resistance properties
  • Reduces water seepage
  • Provides excellent microbial resistance to mold and fungii
  • Durable and proven weathering resistance
  • Can be manufactured in custom shades

Pure Acrylic Emulsion Coatings     Technical Data Sheet 

  • 100% Pure Acrylic Based Coating
  • Premium finish with good water repellent properties
  • Beautiful finish with rich sheen
  • Can be manufactured in custom shades

Semi Acrylic Emulsion Coatings 

  • Modified Acrylic Emulsion Based Coating
  • Economical
  • Can be manufactured in custom shades