Interior Emulsions

Interior Emulsions offer a premium feel to your new or existing walls. Emulsions were the latest major breakthrough in paint technology, and with that customization spiked. Interiors can now be painted in almost any colour desired. We offer Interior Emulsions in the following categories

Elastomeric Emulsion Coatings      Technical Data Sheet 

  • Excellent water resistance
  • Reduces water seepage
  • Provides excellent microbial resistance to mold and fungii
  • Durable film
  • Can be customized to make it 100% washable
  • Can be manufactured in custom shades

Pure Acrylic Emulsion Coatings     Technical Data Sheet 

  • 100% Pure Acrylic Based Coating
  • Premium finish with good water repellent properties
  • Beautiful finish with rich sheen
  • Can be manufactured in custom shades

Semi Acrylic Emulsion Coatings 

  • Modified Acrylic Emulsion Based Coating
  • Economical
  • Can be manufactured in custom shades