Specialty Products

Gardwel manufactures screen coatings for projectors. A product that is a replacement to a conventional projector allows the flexibility of creating your own screen wall, customizing it as you go. The screen coating is specifically engineered for masonry surfaces, but has been used successfully for wood and aluminum surfaces. For specific queries, please contact us at orders@gardwelindustries.com

You can buy this product on Amazon here: http://amzn.in/fJ0ZTLo




In a country like India, the rising temperatures every year cause a dramatic increase in the energy consumption. To minimize this, and to thus for it to not contribute toward more climate change, Gardwel Industries manufactures a Heat Reflective coating. Primarily, this provides retro-reflection of incident sunlight thus reducing the temperature of the surface. In our experiments, we noted a difference of up to 4 degrees Celsius (~39.2 degrees Fahrenheit) at the top surface. This difference translates to a much more significant reduction in temperature at the bottom of the slab (top of the room/ceiling indoors). The coating prohibits transfer of heat from the top, making the ambient up to 10 degrees cooler. This results in a significant cost and energy saving.