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Making things better
Customization and Flexibility

The customer is always right. And he always has to have a choice. And we can provide that!


Probably the most important aspect of a business. Running a business causes direct and indirect impacts on numerous things. To minimize adverse impacts and create a more sustainable business structure is what we at Gardwel strive to achieve.

Beauty and Design

Architectural Paints call for beauty- by introduction of colour and texture. Although seemingly trivial, colours define our lives in more ways than one can imagine!

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Who we are and what we stand for.
Since 1985

Gardwel started manufacturing powder paint products to meet the demands of that era. While they were supremely effective, customization came in and brought with it newer types of paints. Here at Gardwel we can manufacture around 20 metric tonnes daily. Catering to markets across India, we believe in fulfilling requirements by delivering efficiently and manufacturing optimally . All thanks to the superb leadership, efficient staff and diligent work force. We believe in making the world slightly better than what it was yesterday, and try to achieve excellence by constantly improving practices.

  • Powder Based

    Cement Paint- Gardcem, Tuffcem, Gardcoat and Ecocem. Cement based wall putty

  • Water Based Under Coats

    Acrylic Putty, Premium Acrylic Putty, Interior and Exterior Water Primers

  • Water Based Top Coats

    Modified and Pure Acrylic Emulsions, Textured Finishes, Heat Resistant Coats, Distempers

  • Miscellaneous

    Water-proofing chemicals, Tile Adhesives and Tile Grouts,

The Team

People at Gardwel
Arvind Mehendale
Partner, Founder, Director
Also known as Milind to many (or most), he started the company in 1985. Since then, he is an integral part of Gardwel and is the go-to man for absolutely anything! Super friendly, cheerful and downright humble, Arvind effectively puts his years of experience to great use.
Partha Mehendale
Director, Administration
A printing engineer by profession, Partha is in charge of Marketing and Sales. He is in charge of general administration and factory productions.
Ameya Mehendale
Chief, Operations
Sanjay Khare
Sales Representative
Having an experience of over 30 years in this field, Sanjay currently handles sales in Pune and along the Konkan belt. Adept at accounting, he is extremely diligent and would finish the task at hand within time!
Gautam Sarode
Sales Representative
With a self built strong dealer network, Gautam Sarode is extremely efficient in handling sales at Gardwel. He gets to the crux of things and thus is extremely knowledgeable about anything really!
Sandeep Rajeshirke
Accounts Manager
Extremely helpful in everything, Sandeep effectively handles the accounts and all government operations. He also aids in formulating company strategies.
Amita Jadhav
Customer Relations, Sales Advisor
Amita handles customer relations effectively. She also acts as a sales advisor, helping customers make informed decisions, while making them at ease and at comfort.
Megha Ukirde
Research, Product Development, Purchase Operations
With a masters in chemistry, Megha is in charge and effectively handles the research and development at Gardwel. Flexible and dynamic, Megha also handles all the purchase operations.
Kajal Gawade
Accounts & Office Coordinator
An artist by heart, Kajal aids in managing accounts. Her industrious nature is commendable, and she is in charge of all the data entry operations.
Mahesh Dhamdhere
Dispatch Coordinator
Mahesh handles the latter part of supply chain quite effectively. He is also in charge of managing logistics.
Shankar Manhere
Dispatch Supervisor
Ensuring timely and accurate dispatches is of prime importance. Shankar ensures that this happens like clockwork.
Satish Kadu
Production Supervisor
Coordinating with dispatches, Satish makes sure that the batches are well planned and are delivered in time. He effectively manages all the workers to achieve optimum performance.

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